Vibrant Hawai‘i was awarded a CARES Act grant from the County of Hawai‘i to activate a network of Resilience Hubs around Hawai‘i Island to deliver community assistance in response to COVID-19. We are responding to the challenge of the times with empathy and action, focusing on empowering communities to lead.


Resilience Hubs are enhanced community spaces that are designed and managed by local residents, with support from partners in local government as well as private and nonprofit sectors. At it’s core, Resilience Hubs are about putting power and resources into the hands of community. And Vibrant Hawai‘i takes an assets-based approach to this work: by boosting local capacity, shoring up connections within and between regions, and helping communities leverage the strengths and assets of an area, they can deliver solutions that work best for them. 


While the schedule and offerings of each Resilience Hub is unique, overall this initiative aims to:

  • Increase access to digital connectivity,

  • Improve food security while supporting local economy, and 

  • Provide a suite of resilience and wellness programming.


Our collaborative of 40+ partners - both formal organizations and informal grassroots - are working as an island collective to strengthen relationships, build social capital, and foster wellness, cooperation, and trust. The effort is a foundation and catalyst increasing community capacity and resilience, islandwide. 


CARES Resilience Hubs will run September 28 to December 18. Each Hub site has a very limited number of spots and runs on its own schedule.


Open enrollment begins Monday, Sept. 14. Learn more about Resilience Hubs to Support Keiki

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