Thank you for your interest in the Vibrant Hawai‘i CARES Resilience Hub initiative. The goals of this project are to provide COVID-19 emergency response programming to:

• Support community and family resilience

• Increase digital access, and 

• Provide food assistance while supporting local business. 


The CARES Resilience Hubs program will run September 28 through December 18.


Each Resilience Hub site has a very limited number of spots and runs on its own unique schedule.


Open enrollment begins Monday, Sept. 14 at 8am, and closes once all spots are filled.


Hilo - Keaukaha Resilience Hub at Kawananakoa Gym (15 spots): Monday & Thursday 11:30am-5pm, Friday 8:30am-3pm. Register here.

Kohala - Overflow Church in Kapa‘au (10 spots): Monday-Friday, 12pm-4pm. Register here.

West Hawai‘i - Halekiʻi Resilience Hub in Kealakekua (50 spots): Tuesday-Thursday, 8am-3pm. Register here.

Upper Puna - Hilo Coffee Mill in Mt. View (24 spots): Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 8am-3pm. Register here.

Lower Puna - Maku‘u Market (30 spots): Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7am-1pm. Register here.

Lower Puna - Nānāwale Longhouse (8 spots for keiki in grades K & 1st): Tuesday, 12pm-3pm. Register here.

Lower Puna - Nānāwale Longhouse (100 spots): Friday, 8am-3:30pm. Register here.

Lower Puna - Sure Foundation (8 spots for keiki in grades K & 1st): Thursday, 12:30pm-3pm. Register here.

Upper Puna - Volcano Cooper Center (8 spots): Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30am-3pm. Register here.

Enrollment Guidelines: 

• Parents/guardians may enroll up to four (4) keiki from the same household. 

• Program is open to children in grades one (1) through twelve (12), unless specified otherwise. 

• Applications may be submitted for one (1) Resilience Hub site only. Duplicate applications will forfeit entire eligibility.


Keep in mind: 

• This initiative is not a school, but rather a space for keiki to have access to connectivity in order to complete their virtual learning. Hub personnel will be available to help keiki connect their device to the internet, but are not responsible for ensuring your keiki complete their assignments. 

• Each Resilience Hub site is unique, and will have available a variety of enrichment and resilience programming.

• Depending on a Resilience Hub's hours of operation, appropriate meals such as breakfast and/or lunch, with take home dinner, may be provided.

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