Born and raised in Hilo, Janice identifies with many community members experience of poverty with the statement, "I didn't even know we were poor." As a young, single mother, Janice again experienced poverty, but an experience at Pūnana Leo o Hilo transformed her life. Through hana makua - or giving back to the school - she realized her ability to contribute in small ways to have a meaningful impact. That experience gave her the confidence to pursue higher education, and Janice attained a Masters in Organizational Leadership. It also shaped her belief that "everyone is useful" and "being broke is not being broken". Janice has 17 years of experience leading non-profit organizations and community grassroots initiatives. She is a mother of 5, leadership consultant, speaker, and facilitator. Janice serves Vibrant Hawaiʻi by providing overall coordination, facilitation, and development.

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