We asked participants to share their drawings of a Vibrant Hawaiʻi

and the meaning behind the images.

Each thought was captured and contributed to larger community vision.


Health: Health and Self Care Health and Healing, Recreation/Balance, Health and Wellness, Decreased substance use, Accessible healthcare

Mobility and Transportation equity

Mālama ʻĀina Land management (utilization), Ahupuaʻa (Hyper local access to all services), ʻAina as a way of being and learning, Mālama ʻĀina, Clean accessible water, Preservation of natural resources and cultural resources, Food sustainability

Mālama Honua: Mālama honua, Healthy environment, Ocean awareness, Environment: healthy, Accountability for our environment

Housing: affordable and accessible , Attainable housing, Housing that is "perfect" for the individual, Spectrum of housing options

Financial Literacy

Equitable economic access: Small business development assistance, Access to capital for minorities, Entrepreneurship, Global competition (economic), Financial literacy for communities of color and women, Dynamic workforce development, Workforce development, Access to good jobs, Access to resources, Available resources, Affordability, Equality of opportunity

Edupowerment: Edu-powerment (Learning), Building skills and knowledge

Education: Access to equal education, Holistic educational opportunities, Access to economic and educational opportunities for keiki to kupuna

Economy: Incentive to stay and economic opportunities to thrive, Ag as key to diverse economies

Diverse education opportunities: Education, Innovative education, Education beyond the walls, Place based education, Holistic approach and education, Education options and choices, Building community-based schools, Agric/foresty education, Access to media


Universal Design

Social Justice: Inclusivity, Equal access to representation, No disparity, Empowerment and equity, Empowerment, Providing resources, Access to community resources/activities


Policy and government involvement

Living Aloha: Gratitude, respect, aloha, Honor host culture, Togetherness, community mindset, giving, helping, Spirit of love, aloha, Personal and community responsibility, Sense of peace and purpose, Lōkahi (teamwork)

Good Planning: Good planning, Aging in place, Open space, Pet friendly parks, Multi-modal transportation (beyond roads for cars)

Development of Ag industry

Culture of sustainability and resilience: Cultivate culture of sustainability and resilience, Inter-dependence, communication, listen to all people, needs met through coordination

Celebrate Diversity: Celebrate diversity and be inclusive, Celebrate diversity

Best leadership we can get.

Arts and Community Engagement

Aloha in Action: Community as ʻohana, ʻO ke aloha ke kuleana... Responsibility and privilege, Aloha respect, kind, accountable, personal gratitude, accepting, culture and tradition, foundation, over-arching, Aloha mindset/value, Cohesive and working together, Love humanity


Thriving communities: All thriving, Hopeful, Easing burden, Thriving in balance, Healthy people creates healthy place to thrive not just survive, Celebrate good things in life, Optimism, hope

Sustainability and Abundance: Sustainability and abundance, Cultivating innovative industries (self-sustaining), Self-sustainable economy (balanced), Reduce imports, Recycling , ʻĀina revitalizing industries, Ag Tech hydroponic, aquaculture, Reduce dependence on fossil fuels, Reciprocity, Clean energy, Access to environmental upgrades, Sustainability, Sustainability, Sustainability, Bartering system

Strong Families: Strong families, Strong families, Family togetherness, House as a home, Home = safe foundation, Stability in community and family, Basic necessity, Acceptance - self-worth, Satisfaction with life, Freedom - having a choice, choosing lifestyle , Finding peace

Quality of Life: Balance in all aspects of life, Balance of home, work, spiritual, Functional fun family time, Space and time for pets, Resilient to unhealthy stress, Children are free of stress, Strong families: Safe and secure, "Trauma informed" care

Perseverance and Resilience

Open space: Natural scenery, peaceful, Access to nature and open spaces, Outdoor activities, Free from excess

ʻOhana: Family quality time, eating dinner together, ʻOhana, Safety/security

Management of resources

Local healthy food system for all: Opportunities to share food resources, Access to healthy food, Healthy food (grown, organic, etc.) in production and consumption, Whole food: non-processed, safe, breast feeding, Healthy food, self-reliance

Kau Hale: Kau Hale (collective, collaborative, coordination), Inclusiveness: diversity of culture, Cultural awareness, Values in our core foundations, Philanthropy, Community working together, Spirit of togetherness, Sense of belonging, Honoring individuality of community, Diversity, Self-identity

Informed and educated citizens.

Healthy Natural Environmental Stewardship: Healthy environment, Nurture healthy environment, Protecting resources, Clean water, Caring for land and earth

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