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Empowering Hawaiʻi Island Youth: Adulting 101

Updated: 7 days ago

ʻOAKA launched the Adulting 101 series in 2023, where our youth Ambassadors collaborated to develop and present workshops to students and youth across Hawaiʻi Island. Each workshop aims to teach essential life skills and explore topics often left out of traditional academic curricula.

So far, ʻOAKA has held presentations at Kealakehe Intermediate, Ke Kula ʻo Ehunuikaimalino, St. Joseph High School, Hawaiʻi Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Pāhoa High and Intermediate.

In 2024, the opportunity to present workshops extends to youth beyond the Ambassador cohort. The Adulting 101 Trainer opportunity is a paid position available to all young adults on Hawaiʻi Island.

Shylynn Kawamoto, 22, represents the moku of Hilo and Puna and serves ʻOAKA as our newest Adulting 101 Trainer! Shylynn earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo in 2023 and is committed to pursuing a career in child and adolescent mental health. “Growing up, I didn’t have resources available to me about how to prepare for life after graduation. They only taught us how to apply for college, but didn’t walk through the processes of everything else that comes with finding our place in society. As a first-generation college graduate, I wish I had more guidance and resources that weren’t taught to me at home. I became a trainer in hopes that I can help facilitate these conversations with our youth and guide them through the complex challenges of our society in hopes that youth like me will have a chance to succeed and thrive in their communities.”

For more information about the Adulting 101 Trainer opportunity, click HERE.



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