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Envisioning the Future of the Waiākea Peninsula

In a collaboration led by Vibrant Hawaiʻi and Council Member Sue Lee Loy, the inaugural Waiākea Peninsula Design Lab kicked off on October 16th. This was the first of three gatherings aimed at nurturing and revitalizing the Waiākea Peninsula. Utilizing the Asset Based Community Development framework as a guide, a diverse group of stakeholders convened, each bringing a wealth of visions and innovative ideas to the forefront. With these community insights, the design lab aims to facilitate meaningful future conversations for restoration and revitalization efforts that resonate with the community’s aspirations.

The Design Lab will also aim to create a prototype mural design to be installed at the site of the former Uncle Billy’s Hotel. The mural will be a testament to the community’s hopes and dreams for the Waiākea Peninsula.


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