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Children In Disaster

‘A‘ohe ipu ‘ōpio e ‘ole ka mimino i ka lā.

Did you know?

Children are more vulnerable than adults during disasters because of their smaller size, developmental stage, mental development, dependence on adults, and vulnerability to victimization.


In a Disaster,
Children are Vulnerable to

  1. ​Physical harm

  2. Psychosocial stress

  3. No access to quality education

  4. Exploitation and violence

  5. Family separation Abuses related to forced displacement (evacuation)

  6. Recruitment into armed groups


Three simple things you can do

In Case of a Disaster

Parents/Guardians should continue routines, be a role model and listen, provide perspective, limit media, and watch their child for changes in behavior.

Take a closer look

View or download the Children in Disaster trifold here.

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