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Resilience Alliance

Building internal resilience and preparedness in the case of emergency

The Issue

The best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens. Many Hawai'i Island businesses and organizations have a desire to help the community when disaster strikes, but it can be difficult to get accurate information and respond in a timely and effective way. Some businesses may get more requests than they can field, while others may be left wanting to help but not knowing what to do.

Hawai'i Island will benefit from a centralized, coordinated emergency response from the private and nonprofit sector.

The Strategy

The Resilience Alliance is a network of Hawai'i Island non-governmental organizations and businesses committed to building internal resilience and preparedness in the case of emergency. In times of crisis, it mobilizes to support the Hawai'i Island community by facilitating communication and distribution of resources to affected community members.

Membership is free. Participating businesses and organizations receive:

  • Employee training, access to best practices, and support in planning with regard to emergency preparedness;

  • Vetting and logistics for donation requests and opportunities to contribute to ensure your efforts are streamlined and making the greatest impact;

  • Logistics run by a Hawai'i Island based team with direct experience coordinating emergency response in and with our community;

  • Accurate and timely information so you have as clear a picture as possible as an emergency situation unfolds;

  • Public acknowledgment on Vibrant Hawai'i's channels;

  • Opportunities to network, collaborate, and participate in events with other Alliance members.

If you are a local business or organization, please consider joining the Resilience Alliance.

Membership for Businesses and Organizations

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