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Resilience Hubs

Empowering residents to implement hyper-local solutions for community resilience

The Issue

Climate change, income gaps, and inequitable access to information and resources leave many residents vulnerable.


Hawaiʻi Island will benefit from a multi-sector, collaborative approach to build knowledge, skills, abilities, and confidence in residents to recognize, understand, and take action to address vulnerabilities, and increase resilience in their homes and communities.

The Strategy

The Vibrant Hawaiʻi network of Resilience Hubs is more than just a map of facilities.


Hubs are powered by trusted community leaders who provide access to services, programs, resources, and opportunities for community members to implement place based, culturally informed strategies that increase individual and islandwide resilience.


Resilience Hubs Provide Ongoing

  • SERVICES & PROGRAMS that promote full family engagement, build social connections, increase individual and household resilience, and improve residents’ health and wellbeing

  • EQUITABLE ACCESS TO RESOURCES including computers, WiFi and broadband internet, information, and through distribution of resources to support essential needs.

  • ACCESS TO FACILITIES AND PLACES that house charging stations, storage and cold storage, and open spaces for community to gather for workshops, celebrations, resource fairs, imu, community gardens, and food forests.

Hubs Are Ready To

  • SERVE AS A COMMUNICATION CONDUIT to ensure accurate information flows from government agencies and community-serving organizations to the community - and that residents' experience is captured through community and needs assessments to provide valuable, real-time data for decision making and resource allocation.

  • ENSURE A COORDINATED RESPONSE across an islandwide network of trusted, trained, teams who are prepared to collaborate, share resources, and respond in times of disaster to support emergency response and recovery efforts.

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Resilience Plans

Hoʻōla Farms

Waimea Resilience Hub

Nāʻālehu Resilience Hub

Kohala Resilience Hub

Kalani Honua

Hawaiʻi's Volcano Circus

Arts and Sciences Center

Resilience Cards

Resilience Scorecards

Resilience Scorecards are an innovative tool developed by Vibrant Hawaiʻi and employed by Resilience Hubs across the island to foster sustainable communities resilient to various challenges. Harnessing the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and valuable input from community members, these cards highlight the strengths and vulnerabilities within each community, creating a comprehensive, living snapshot of their current status. As a shared point of reference, they are instrumental in guiding strategic improvements and proactive planning.

Click any District to view their Resilience Scorecard.

District 1

North Hilo, Hāmākua, and Portion of Waimea

District 3

Portion of South Hilo and Portion of Kea‘au

District 5

Upper Puna and portions of Keaʻau

District 7

Portion of Kona and South Kona

District 9

Kohala, portions of Waimea

District 2

Hilo, portions of South Hilo

District 4

Lower Puna, Pāhoa

District 6

Kāʻu, portions of South Kona, Volcano

District 8

North Kona

An Islandwide Network of Resilience Hubs


Vibrant Hawaiʻi's approach is unique and focused on the building the strength of a network in tandem with increasing capacity of individual community Hubs.


We invest in:

  • Increasing social cohesion by facilitating cross-sector communication, training and certification, peer-to-peer learning, and resource sharing

  • Identifing and infusing resources to advance community-designed strategies that meet resilience goals within a hyper-local context

  • Evaluating outcomes to drive continuous improvement, ensure alignment with changing conditions, and promote asset based community development


Our End Goal

Communities are more self-determining and implement hyper-local solutions that support residents before, during, and after disruptions to their essential needs and quality of life.


By implementing a networked approach to building islandwide resilience, neighboring communities build relationships, share resources, and are able to respond to one another’s needs.

Vibrant Hawai'i's Resilience Alliance

In parallel to community-based Resilience Hubs, Vibrant Hawai'i also organizes the Resilience Alliance for businesses and organizations that want to prepare for and contribute to emergency response on Hawai'i Island.

Impact Reports

Click any image to view the report.

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Hubs 2.0 Final Report.png
Resilience Hubs Mid Year Report.png
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