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What is PAPA?

PAPA is the Hawaiian word for "class" or "foundation". For Vibrant Hawaiʻi, it is also an acronym for Passion And Purpose Academy. This online academy enables lifelong learners of all ages the chance and the choice to engage with a variety of different courses, taught by a variety of different community experts, from the convenience of your personal device.


How Does PAPA Work?

PAPA utilizes an online badging system in which learners engage with and complete a number of modules, set strategically for their own growth and success. Upon completing all the required modules, the academy grants the learner with a digital badge that is recognized by the community. With a click of a button, learners use PAPA to further amplify their own knowledge and sense of belonging.

Is PAPA Right For Me?

At Vibrant Hawai'i, we value flexibility and learning that leads to transformation, and we demonstrate this by being honest without shame, when we don’t know, being courageous, adaptive leaders, even when it calls for difficult conversations and even when our outcomes look like failure, demonstrating ahonui and ha‘aha‘a as we hold tension to achieve change, and, practicing makawalu and acknowledging that we each hold one piece that is a part of something bigger. 

If this statement resonates with you, let's get started on your journey.

Want To Become An Instructor?

Reach out to us through email and let us know you're interested.

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