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Bridging pathways for a skilled, fulfilled, globally engaged, and thriving Hawaiʻi Island community.


The Issue

Ma ka hana ka ʻike. #2088 By doing, one learns. 

The reality is, equitable access to resources, technology, hands-on learning opportunities, and workforce development is a challenge for many of our rural communities.

Through Vibrant Hawaiʻi we had 3D printing in our village! We are remote. We don't have electric or water, but we did it with a generator." - Kaimi Kaupiko, Kua O Ka Lā Teacher, Miloliʻi Campus

The Strategy

The Education Stream invests in learning initiatives that are centered in equity, grounded in indigenous ways of knowing, and builds a strong foundation to ensure everyone has a chance at meaningful workforce advancement. We believe that everyone has an ʻike (knowledge) to contribute toward the learning journey of another.

"We recognized a need for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) in the Waimea community to work in area clinics, doctor offices the local hospital, and most importantly - be available to in-home health visits. With support from Vibrant Hawai‘i, 4 CNA training scholarships were offered to residents in the Waimea region. In this process we recognized an even greater need to offer strategies and assistance to improve a student or adult’s potential in the workplace and in their career trajectory; it was more than finding a job— it was building their future! We will continue with this greater initiative!" - Lauren Avery


Workforce and Professional Development

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Community-Based Research

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Impact Reports

Digital Literacy Project:
Increasing equity for Hawai'i Island residents through digital skills
A'o A Malama Report Cover.png
Aʻo A Mālama Report:
Child Care and Early Learning on Hawaiʻi Island

Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Hoʻoikaika Kilo is a 90 minute workshop that integrates Kuʻu Moʻo ʻŌlelo o Nā Pō o Ka Mahina, resources and tools to support ʻāina momona within ourselves, communities, and lāhui. Learn about an initiative here in Hawaiʻi that supports productive and thriving communities of people, place, and natural resources, natural cycles and seasonal indicators of place, and how to track and understand your own personal story and relationship to the moon. 

Pelika Andrade is a founder and the Executive Director of Na Maka Onaona. She has a long history working with Hawaiʻi communities throughout the archipelago as a hoaʻāina, community member, sailor, cultural practitioner and researcher.

How does the practice of kilo fit into and inform our daily lives in modern society? How do we co-relate the external kilo of our environment with our internal kilo of ourselves? In this workshop we will continue the learning journey of kilo and explore incorporating kilo as a way of grounding and nourishing ourselves in these ever-changing times. Building and strengthening pilina with place and people is key.

No Oʻahu mai au, e noho ana ma ka Moku ʻo Hawaiʻi. ʻO Kaupakuea koʻu ʻāina, ʻo Kapehu ka wai, ʻo Shelby Kāhele Moana Nahale-a koʻu inoa. I invest my time and energy into sacred reciprocity and strive to embody aloha. I have received education from institutions like UH Hilo, MIT and Harvard, but none of that compares to what I have learned from ʻike kupuna and continue to learn through kilo daily.

Developments in Education and Workforce Training

Dr. Dan Doerger, Director of Workforce Innovation
Dr. Nicolette van der Lee, Program Manager

On August 23rd, 2023, Dr. Dan Doerger and Dr. Nicolette van der Lee shared about the Good Jobs Hawai'i Initiative that is now offering free job training courses for Hawai'i Island residents. The trainings provide opportunities for people to upskill and earn credentials in the healthcare, skilled trades and technology industries, which can lead to employment, internships and apprenticeships.

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