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Kerry Mark Green

Kerry Mark Green

Afrofuturistic, Visionary, Fine Artist Kerry Mark Green, a native of Brooklyn, New York, with roots tracing back to the vibrant heritage of Barbados, has been a creative force in the art world for over three decades. From a young age, Kerry delved deeply into the world of art, constantly honing his craft and pushing his creative boundaries. His early love for painting soon expanded, incorporating drawing into his array of skills.

Kerry later embarked on a formal journey into the world of art with two years of fine arts training at the University of South Carolina, from 1994-95. His passion and quest for deeper understanding led him to transfer to Florida A&M in Tallahassee, where he continued his studies from 1996-97. In 1998, drawn to the allure of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Kerry spent two enriching years working with chalk pastels and acrylics. This phase laid the groundwork for his move to the Pacific Northwest, where his artistic horizons broadened even further.

Now co-founder of Moonsun Art Gallery and inspired by Hawaii's picturesque landscapes, Kerry conveys a profound liberation in his artistry. Merging pen and ink, and acrylic on wood and paper, his pieces offer glimpses into his meditative journeys and the visions fueling his creative spirit.

Kerry's artworks serve as windows into his soul. They are reflections of his meditative experiences and spiritual explorations, acting as vessels for the visions that fuel his creativity. Each masterpiece is a meticulous labor of love, transforming abstract ideas into tangible expressions of his deepest introspections. Rooted in Afrofuturism, Kerry's art gracefully bridges the gap between imagination and reality. His detailed brushwork and evocative themes endeavor to ignite curiosity and inspire transformative moments in the beholder.


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