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Resilience Registry

Aloha kāua,


With the onset of hurricane season just around the corner, and given the frequency that our island has experienced impact, preparedness and investing in community resilience are paramount.


The Resilience Registry is designed to catalyze the spirit of solidarity and proactive engagement that defines our island communities. Time and again, we've been awe-inspired by the selfless acts of our fellow residents during times of crisis. From neighbors banding together to clear debris-strewn streets to volunteers tirelessly distributing essential supplies, the aloha and generosity of Hawaiʻi's people knows no bounds. It's this very ethos of unity and compassion that the Resilience Registry seeks to amplify and channel into organized action.


Rooted in the rich tradition of spontaneous volunteerism that permeates our island, the Resilience Registry represents a natural evolution in disaster response. By centralizing information and opportunities for involvement, we aim to empower individuals to contribute meaningfully to relief efforts in a coordinated manner. Whether your talents lie in administrative tasks, first aid, or simply lending a compassionate ear, there's a role for everyone within our resilient community.


All Hawaiʻi island residents aged 18 and above are encouraged to join. Your participation not only strengthens our collective ability to weather the storm but also fosters a sense of belonging and purpose within our communities.


Registration takes less than two minutes of your time. I encourage you to register early, as this information assists with planning for the upcoming hurricane season.


With aloha,

Janice Ikeda

Executive Director


Ako ‘e ka hale a pa‘a, a i ke komo ana mai o ka ho‘oilo, ‘a‘ole e kulu i ka ua o Hilinehu. Do not procrastinate. Make preparations for the future now. ʻŌlelo Noʻeau 100.


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