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Our Impact

Vibrant Hawaiʻi’s mission is to empower the Hawaiʻi community to gather our collective strengths and help each other reach our vision of a thriving, Vibrant Hawaiʻi. 

Our work is based on collective impact and informed by Hikaloi.  Our practice blends the depth of Hawaiʻian and indigenous knowledge systems with innovative ideas, such as Asset Based Community Development and SMALLIFY. Learn more about our Methodology here

Hikaloi/Hikaloilo:  the consistent practice of self-reflection that supports personal growth and improvement towards excellence.

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Vibrant Hawaiʻi works to build community will and shift deficit sytems. We implement strategies that are developed and resourced by the community and reflect native intelligence. Find out more about our projects here.


Vibrant Hawaiʻi's formal announcements of news and recent efforts we want to share with our community. Read through our latest updates here. 

Past Streams

Check out the work of our different Streams.

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