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Hub Curious

What is resilience in the context of community? Community resilience is defined as the ability to prepare for anticipated hazards, adapt to changing conditions and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions” In order to foster this within our own communities, collaboration and communication is key. We recognize that this work cannot be done alone, and it is crucial to ensure the health and wellbeing of all. 

In September 2020, Vibrant Hawaiʻi (through its fiscal agent Hawaiʻi Rise Foundation) was awarded $1,700,000 of CARES funds to launch a network of resilience hubs to provide connectivity for distance learning, access to meals and food supplies, and build community resilience. Five Hawaiʻi County Council members provide an additional $171,100 to support the Vibrant Hawaiʻi Resilience Hubs initiative. Today, our network continues to expand, welcoming all members of our community from local businesses to organizations and institutions to come together. 

Vibrant Hawaiʻi hosted Hub Curious to provide the opportunity to learn from leaders within our Resilience Hub network, featuring - Iopa Maunakea: Men of PAʻA, Kathy Matsuda: North Kohala Resilience Hub, and Diane Chadwick: Waimea Resilience Hub.  

“What are 3-key actions to focus on to get started? “What insight, experience, or lessons learned would you share?”


  1. “No disaster is the same.”

  2. “There are only two times you're gonna be doing this work: when you like, and when you no like.”

  3. “Not every strategic plan will work, but we always need some type of protocol involved.”


  1. “Have relationships with people in your community before the disaster happens. Take time to know what your community needs.”

  2. “Pace what you can realistically accomplish in order to avoid burn-out.”

  3. “There is power in networks and collaboration.”


  1. “Be ready for commitment.”

  2. “Stay connected with your community.”

  3. “Clear communication is key.”

Moving forward, we can use these lessons from our hubs to impact our own communities from where we are already at. If you have gifts to share and the capacity to contribute, we encourage you to sign up for our Resilience Registry. Every member of this community has the power to increase our collective resilience. 


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