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Meet our Spring 2024 Ambassadors!

Kawehi Mahi-Roberts was born in the district of Hilo, and raised in the moku of Puna. Kawehi pursued the Vibrant Hawaiʻi Ambassadorship with the drive for doing something meaningful for her community. 


Kawehi hopes to contribute to the shift in the collective narrative that we don’t need to leave Hawaiʻi to become successful. She believes that we can “change the manaʻo from “surviving” in our homelands, to “living” in our homelands.”

Kalaʻi Ishibashi is born and raised in the moku of Puna. Kalaʻi recognizes the value of education for the upcoming generations of Hawaiʻi, thus is thrilled to play a key role in ʻOAKA's Adulting 101 workshops.


"Growing up, one of my father’s favorite ‘ōlelo no’eau was “Huli ka lima i lalo, ola loa. Huli ka lima i luna, make loa.” Those who turn their hands down will live, whereas those who turn their hands to the sky will die. I’ve always loved this, as it taught me to build a work ethic I’m proud of today."

Gianina Kalaʻi Manuel-Cortez is born and raised in Hilo, but is rooted in Kaʻū. Gianina is pursuing the ambassadorship with hopes to strengthen the collective of Hawaiʻi Island.


“My reason for joining Vibrant Hawaiʻi is rooted in my deep love for my home, and a desire to grow as an individual and make the space that is necessary to bring forth a vibrant future for Hawai’i.”

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